Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite XIII"

BSB's dont hav penises or balls!

Also another torture shud hav been bsb CDs!

It's really disgusting Dx

It's so disguasting i can't even finish that movie.

it was just to disguasting to me sorry Dx

-smiles- :]

bye o.o

ow god dude!!!!

u torture him and then do somthing to his sack
thats as much as i saw befor i said to myself:this is soooo not right
everything else was funny though but please never do stuff to a man like that again
(i got a pain in my ballsack thinging of what they might do to him)

Found an Easter egg!!

Click all the things in the torture game and you get so many Eva's and Blackie's AT THE SAME TIME!! AINT THAT GREAT?!?!?!?!?!

Haha he deserved that!

That is the most hilarious thing I've seen in the series! If you are a guy, watch it anyway, its just a Backstreet Boy. Wait, they're guys?