Reviews for "Cresada"


I give you a 9 oooh wait! It's high quality and the chord changes are nice. Nice instrument use. Transitions are smooth. This will more then likely be an All Time Best. Nice track. If this is one of your 'lesser' song it'd be nice to hear one of the higher tier ones that you save from the Record Mongols. Nice track, you deserve to be signed. It's almost beautiful. You are pro sir. Pro.

tankbusta responds:

no im still working at my music so ill still say im amateur lol hahahah....thanks yes im working on new music that people are taking a look at. ^_^


I'm not really a fan of trance, but once in a while a track like this comes out and my feelings change. Excellent mixing, excellent music writing, and a cool, refreshing rythm throughout. Excellent song !

tankbusta responds:

thank you ^_^


The Skills. you have it.

tankbusta responds:

thank you so much


this is flawless... this is where i hope to get with my own. thx for the motivation

tankbusta responds:

yes im sure you will...listen to my earlier stuff and how i worked at it

dedication is all you need

Brought me Back to the realm of Music

For awhile there I deleted all the techno/trance/bass/w.e off my Ipod/Phone to try and be "Cool" and "Hip".

This song has reopened my heart once again.

God I love you :3