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Reviews for "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers"


the versions they have now are nothing like the really old ones !! the new ones suck cok.

himenow responds:

Eh, thanks for your words ;)

It's like being 6 again.

Ahhhh the good 'ol days.

himenow responds:

:D :D :D

\m/ \m/

one of the few childerens programmes that had a metal themeawesome then awesome now best theme song that was on tv \m/

himenow responds:

Yeah, yeah, good times ;D

This is DELICOUS!!!

My glorios childhood has returned...

himenow responds:

Welcome back ;)

Son Of A

Batch of mother loving mighty morphin' power cookies..... is jesus had a theme song this would be it!

himenow responds:

Maaaybe, if it wasn't copyright by the Power Ranger guys :/