Reviews for "Poor Monkey"

Very Good

Hilariously funny, with wonderful music and a great voice over. I also liked the very clever song at the end. Excellnt work.

the results are in.

after viewing all your animations i have come to a conclusion. when you do good, you do pretty damn good. when you do bad, well your animations are still better then most. so your ok on my list. im even willing to overlook that rude reply you gave me. Specificly to this animation:
Graphics: i liked the drawings though they werent really animated. Sound: i loved the narration and the song! Style: there wasnt a whole lot of new style here. but i like the way you did it. violence: well, not a whole lot happend there. just a life altering wound heh. Humor: Not outragously funny. never said it was. i just said i like it. looks like lots of effort went into this one and i hope to see effort like this from you in the future too.

ashens responds:

How odd. You appear to have been going through my animations in order to give me some kind of overall rating, like a school report or something. And indeed - the final sentence of the above review implies that you have cast yourself in the role of schoolteacher. Either you've got some kind of obsessive self-importance problem or you really, really like writing reviews. Either way, you're a bit creepy and should keep away from me and my family.

This was really fun :) and i love the song

This was really fun :) and i love the song


its was funnier than hell...and i like the beat


the song is very funny!