Reviews for "Poor Monkey"


This was SO not funny.Was this a purpose for humor.I saw NO humor.No poor monkey GAY monkey what the hell is the purpose with the sausge NOTHING it.If u wanna make this funny and get a cheap chuckle give it 2 1graders.U HAVE to try harder it we will keep on geting u a 0 everytime.Just try harder.WE want laughs no gay dude.Just TRY

ashens responds:

What's your first language? I'm guessing Portuguese.


WTF is this piece of trash? a fucking british educational reatarded animal singing fucking freak show? this is B fuking S ok?!?! god i dont see y this fuking retard monkey holding a fuking sasuge hasent got blammed yet, i mean do monkeys eat sausages instead of bananas in merry olde england? c'mon people, this is fuking trash & fuking shit mixed together in a bloody fuking cocktail!hey u brit, if ur going to make a nother movie, put wat every one else puts in their moives; EFFORT!!!!! god have u fuking even seen a monkey????? christ, i think U GOT BASHED IN THE HEAD BY A TREE!!!! FUCK U!!!

ashens responds:

Blammed? It was featured on the front page. Hopefully that fact will make you even more angry than you are now, which would surely be some kind of record.

That was a pretty great sausage... err flash

Good job man! And your british! You get two points in my book! :)


The ending Song was Great.

I dont know how it got me to like it

it was wierd. I liked the drawings and such but it was kinda stupid. But then i liked it somehow. The tune for the song was funky