Reviews for "Poor Monkey"

pretty fuckin awsome

this was really good shit, and the narator was awsome


This is one of the funniest flash I've ever seen. It's quite crude too, laughing at the poor sausage monkey. Well done for the effort dude.

money hit his head on A tree

no hes fucking got brain damnage....that is the most gayest thing i ever hurd yet it seems to be the funnyest.... thus would almost beat mgs:3 crab battle if only it had the classic "OLLI OLLLLLLI OHHHHHHHH"....

Poor Monkey

I love this Flash with a passion.....and the song is Awesome!

"Patriot11" is an idiot.

First off, this is classic humour, if you don't get a laugh or even a chuckle out of this, you have issues. It was very well played and boarderline adorable.

Well done.