Reviews for "Poor Monkey"

that was funny

what i dont get is why he was just like oh nevermind now it's time for a song. oh well the song was very very funny make more monkey videos

o silly mokey will u eva learn?

o uve hit ur head on the tree. it looks quite bad........... OH WELL lets sing a song
compliments 2 the narrator

Seperation Anxiety...

I fall in love with monkey all over again, as each day passes. Being without him gives me as the above one line summary suggests.
I have reviewed this submission before, but quite frankly, never took the time to read some other reviews. I find it rather interesting that there is such a wide gap between those who love monkey and those who hate him. Those who hate monkey have absolutely no compassion. And Ashen, you have every right to punish them to the full extent of your powers here on NewGrounds. Full compliments to your talent and ability to withstand the sausages who don't find the humor. Your remarks to the hatred follow in the humourous footsteps of monkey himself. And finally, please note that I was rather excited to see a sequel to this masterpiece :)

Lovin' Monkey,


my friend told me about it and its way funnier to watch it!!! too sweat!! and the second one it just as good.


I love this!! It is soo awesome!! The 2nd one is just as funny too!!1 Keep its up dude YOU RULE!!!!!