Reviews for "Poor Monkey"


That was so funny
(I hate monkeys)
But it would have been funnier if the sausage would have gotten
shoved up his ass or somthing.


Seriously what's with the sausage? Is it to make it rhyme with "brain damage"? I GET IT!!!!!! ha.

stupid monkey!

this reminds me of the teletubies or that stupid poko that my little sister watches all the time! but i still found this amuzing! good job


hehehe thats be very humerous it is i say muahahaha. monkey! monkey has hazzelope syndrome lol dribble.

Monkey hit his head on a tree. HA!

I loved that. That song was so random and hilarious. Monkey hit his head on a tree, while holding a sausage. Monkey hit is head on a tree, now he's got brain damage. Even the animals were random. You are a creative genius! Okay maybe not a genius, but you are creative. Don't worry about the 0 interactivity.