Reviews for "Poor Monkey"

Loved the song and he guy talking

as i said above love the song good interactivity too and the guy talking was preety funny lol
good style as it went into the hurt monkey into a song ... really random as such

anyway gtg so see ya hoped my review did something


Lol, poor monkey! Ah well, it was a pretty catchy song.

nice song

silly monkey hit his head on a tree look at all the blood lol good job


That was so funny! Oh well, thats what you get for riding on a skateboard and having a sausage!!! that rocks my world! I love cows!!!!

funny as anything

very VERY funny. It actualy looks like a a kids cartoon. But what did it 4 me was the cow playing the drum. hahaha. Cows r ace. But this is amazingly funny. Watch it now!