Reviews for "Poor Monkey"

i just wanna say somehtin

i just wanted to agree with the creator i will take pretty asain girls to hehehe.

To every beginning there is an end. Are you a survivor?

((( CUTE )))

LOL that was cute, great voicovers by the way, the bear was cute, and in the end it was cool, but maybe animate the crash instead of just boom, it might come off better, anyways funny and cute...


A great work of art.

Nice work, really.
Next time try to make the song a bit longer and make the animations less static. Great job to put the text in so the viewer can sing along. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Love it when you simple ignore the crashed monkey and start the song. Really funny sh*t.

funny as hell

oh my god that was so funny hehe i love monkeys oh so funny monkey monkey monkey hahaha

poor monkey....MUAHAHAHA

lol...well that teach's the monkey to be so stupid i like the movie man it's funny lol