Reviews for "NG Time Trial V"

Damn, man...

... you guys got my five. Awesome collection.

-Shinkuro, that was freaking intense, buddy, had me drooling. AWESOME scene!

-Sqeezy, nice frame by frame, crazy shtuff going on there...

-Neede, wow... that was the most polished piece of work I've seen in awhile, and so complicated. Great job!

-Afro-Ninja, really creative depiction of what goes on inside the machinery... nice use of the pinball machine, etc.

Well done, guys! Hope we can match you all tomorrow! :)


it was realy good. i liked shinkuro's the best though but they were all realy good for the time u got nice work

Very nice....

I have to say I liked needles and Afro Ninjas better than the others but I did like the "what the fuck was that?" that was pretty funny.

You're Winner!

Shinkuro: It's also betrayal! Neat. Graphics are masterpieces, too.

Needle: Funny, well made, but I won't ever drink that stuff.

Squeezy: Randomness!!! Banana Men!!

Afro_Ninja: Pinball within a gumball machine! lol

My favorite is by Needle.


Hahahaha.. I just love when the bananas dance by sqeezy :)