Reviews for "NG Time Trial V"

I have new idols!

There all so good, this should be at the top of the list!

Its like the creative process illustrated!

Its fuckin wild to see what one song can evoke the the minds of these great artists. I mean after seeing shit like this i wana burn things learn how to draw better in MX and fly around the room. Visual Crack man visual crack!

I love these TT's!

It's amazing how the same song can inspire such totally different images in the minds of these artists! If I had any flash skill I'd enter but I don't work well under pressure. :P

pretty damn funny!

the first one was funnier 'n shit! i think that you should make more like that! but what do i know i dont even understand how to use flash.

Not bad at all for the time given

i just LOVE the first one. you know, with the prison guy. never would have seen that ending coming... the vending machine was, uhhh how should i say...weird. still good though. *sigh* if only i wasn't so lazy i might actually make something of my own one day.