Reviews for "NG Time Trial V"

I Love PinBALL..........WOOT

Good job all, props AFRO

They were all great

But.... I have to admit needle's was the coolest and ti flowed really well with the music. woooot! needlez!


Ok, Ignore the other ratings. Oh and everyone used the soundtrack really well.

Afro_Ninja: Pretty cool. 9/10

Needle: A little slow at first but then it went fast, and so it was good, and funny. 8/10

Sqeezy: It made absolutely no sence, but that's what I liked about it. 8/10

Shuriken: That was the best, it made the most sence and it was really really cool. 10/10

-Psycho 0.o

Not bad

Espcially for an instigated flash. I liked it.

Loved it!

These time trials have become some of my favorite vids to watch on NG thanks for the great season guys. Sqeezy, you were the wild card, man you musta been nervous to have your stuff with the like of Needle amoung others huh?

Sqeezy responds:

Actually, no i wasnt the wildcard.
Because, as you can see, i already were in 3 other Time Trials.