Reviews for "Imp, episode 11"

Wow...sweden must be pretty fucked up, huh?

I never saw Imp, 1-10...But even that should'nt explain the complicated storyline I just saw. Is that really the macdonald's jingle in sweden? ONe more question...Is all swedish In broken english, Or is it a totally different kind of fucked up robot english??

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Sweden?What you talking about?This is INTERNATIONAL moron patrol, only Henrik is swedish, the others are dutch, wales canadian and american. Its macdonalds jingle in holland and i downloaded it from an american site so i supposed its also american mc donalds tune.Bustin is the only real American and the only one who can speak perfect american accent, and he doesnt talk in this episode, so you hear dutch, canadian or dutch accents. Complex story? Just some idiots who are some super hero team..Epsiode 1 should explain that..Actually, dont try to understand the story and just enjoy the jokes..YOu didnt enjoy it i see.Well, im sorry you didnt like it..

not exactly what i expected

heres a hint for your next movie... GET SOME BALLS

RogerregoRRoger responds:

get some balls....You want a soccer movie?Well, i know what you mean, nude girls, blood guts and that stuff..Dont worry..I have something planned for ya.


How did it take 4 people to make this?

RogerregoRRoger responds:

there are actually 6 people working on it.:).But seriously, there is only one guy making the whole...ehmm, junk seeing your score, and thats me, Roger.The others only write scritps, give ideas, do voices and help me survive all these *nice* reviews you guys send me.

Its fun

Its a fun flash, good ideas (i loved the cook fight ;-))
But you should try to change a bit the way u jump from one story to the other, you suddenly jump from cooks to superheros to macdonalds and so on without explanation.
Besides that, fun movie.ill give u a 4.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

well, you know that cartoon family guy? I kinda do it that way, one main story interupted by commercials and all all the time..if i dont do that and use slow jups from scene to scene, people lose interest.I learned that after my movie, sonic and other madness, where only the poeple who sat trough the first 5 minutes discovered that it was a nice movie..


why do you still bother making flash, obviously after your eleventh episode you have gotten better at it, but I see no improvement, you suck of ass, well you work does, please NO MORE IMP IT SUCKS HARDCORE!!!!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

I got better but you dont see improvement?YOu must be family of that guy who said im funny and boring.. Well, the fact that you say my work sucks, and i dont in person makes me aware that you are a human being instead of just an asshole who wants to destroy peoples selfconsoiucness..So i guess i respect you in some way.Unfortunately for you, there are a lot people who want me to carry on..You better ignore Imp in the future..Cause i dont think ill stop yet...There are atl east 7 more episodes coming since they are only awaiting voices at the moment.