Reviews for "Imp, episode 11"


best one yet! I wish my computer wasn't such a piece of shit, otherwise I could of helped you with it... but oh well, theres always episode 12, eh?

RogerregoRRoger responds:

OMFG indeed..21 reviews...*wistle..*Well, episode 12 COULD be done very shortly..Only 2 voice lines from hentaiboy left..The problem is i dont know when he will have time again..Sigh..THanks for the review!

How can anyone hate this???

Ok gotta say that reviewers that give this a bad mark are now probably jerking off too gay hentai and stuff cus their just gay ball lickers tring to score soem points! I mean the work in this movie kicks ass!!! So beofre you give a review make sure you've made an actual movie first you bastards!!!! Cus if u got the balls to criticise someones movie without making one, then you truly are the holy licker of bollocks!!!BTW all bad reviewers r becoming the next victims of our next few episodes!!Thats right!Were picking you out and gonna embarase you movie wise!!! BTW everytime their is a bad review, everyone check their porfile and see if they made a movie or not, then if they havent and diss this class work then spam them and threaten them and send them viruses!
P.S. This episode was nice man!!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

...ehh...not sure if this is a good idea...Flame war is the last tihng i need, besides i wont waiste my energie making episodes about losers..Erm...Not funny losers...Thanks for your review zody! 20 reviews in one day..whew..I feel special..

Great, I really like the new intro!

I can see why you said you adopted a new drawing style, you've improved. It will be hard to top the classic episodes and special features (like the earlier Sonic flashes you did), but I'm sure you'll surprise us. I laughed out loud at the Iron Chef scene, the Ninja Turtles and Roshi scene, and of course when John said he was going to fart.

The new intro is a welcome change, but your previous one is still good. Keep up the great work Roger and co. Your random craziness is hilarious, and I'm sticking with this series. Tony Blair and George W. Bush are great villains, but so far I liked Omachao the most (his horrible fighting ability and klutsy henchmen were really funny). :)

Funniest sound: The pink Teletubby thing's laugh from Sonic & other madness, I never get tired of it!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Lots of people are complaining about the new art style, well they like it but dont see much diffrence..Offcourse, for me as the artist i am more aware of the difrences, more detail, better shapes and thicker lines for example..Anyway, dont worry about being able to top previous episodes.Especially epsiode 14 and 15 are my personal favorites, but it will take a while before they are voiced...Meanwhile, im going back to the old roots of amkeing a sonic flashmovie, sonic and other madness 3, which i expect to be finished tomorrow(but it can easely take 2-3 weeks before its actually on newgrounds..) the reason the intro changed was because 1)ZOdy was pestering me about it every day, 2) the new (female) characters and 3) because i got tired of it(since i work and test the movie a lot, i have seen every episode 14 times at least, so im obviously tired of seeing the same intro over and over again..Omachoa makes a brief appaerence in sonic and other madness 3, the pink teletubbie voice?Ill backtrack to check what the voice was..I done so many..Thanks for your review!DOnt worry, there is a whole lot of madness still coming your way!


That was great! But what was that "swedish" ? I'm Swedish and i dont think that was sounding a bit like swedish.. "moggle boggle zoggle doggle" well.... lol....

RogerregoRRoger responds:

It is a joke.Swedish checf is suposed to speak Swedish, but he actually speaks weird English.Henrik, who is Swedish in real life, is asked to translate what swedish chef sais in Swedish, but he speaks gibberish, so he translate it in Gibberish.I didnt use many real Swedish words in the flash, since im not from Sweden myself, But Henrik gives me a couple words.In dumbmovie there is Santaclaus prnonounced as Jultomten or something and there are a couple curse words in episode 9...Thanks for the review!

Yeah baby

Well, I see a lot of bad reviews for some reason. To that I must simply respond: If you don't like it, dont review it. Simple as that.

I don't see you guys making flash, so quit yer bellyaching and stop whining ;)

Roger is a good artist, and the series is a good continuation. Just watch all the episodes before you vote or review on a series, if not: bugger off.

Thank you, now on with the show :)

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Thanks Henrik.Indeed, it is curious that all people who send a negative review dont seem to make flashmovies themselves..To difficult for you losers, are afraid you only get reviewss such as you just wrote yourself?Anyway, thanks again henrik for your support