Reviews for "Imp, episode 11"


even tho zodys story line still kicks ass I just think there were a few parts that were dull (like the mc donalds stuff and the girls thinking that the guys could get out of it them selves)
other wise this was a really good episode

RogerregoRRoger responds:

yeah well the mcdonalds is fun i tought..and the girls part was needed for the storyline

hee hee hee lots of fart jokes.

That was good, but why were the three koopas in 3 different colours like teletubbies? I was expecting something like Bowser and his vast army of koopas/goombas and all that. And some of the sound lag behind the graphics so some of the characters say stuff they said a second before. The graphics look just the same as last time but slightly better. And i luv the improvements. Best bits are the teenage muntant ninja turtle parody and I knew that Old macdonald and Ronald macdonald would be the same person.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Z|ody loves fart jokes, i hate them..This is the first and last episode i have them all animated...
About the koops's, zody wrote the script, talking about a red kopa and a green kopa and all..Perhaps he meant kopa tropa's with a green or blue shell..Heheh..Ah well :S

Eh.. I think i'm gonna fart!!!!

hehe cool... KameHame..... *FART* hahahaha i loved it!!! and i love the I.M.P episodes!!! i've seen 16.... when does the other come?? have you done more than 16 or what??

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Ive done 23 now...And there are 18 curently on newgrounds(eps 0-16 and the xmas one), so there are 5 to come..
Still waiting for the voiceactors as usual, they slow me down for 3 months usually


How, uh... incoherant! o.O

Well, overlooking the bad spelling and grammar in the subtitles (your in place of you're, too in place of to, and misspelling a few words... sorry, that's just a BAD thing to do with productions!), I do admit I laughed a few times. But right after I laughed, the thing stared jumping around like an ADD kid on crack! I couldn't follow this thing if I moved at the speed of light! o.O

The audio was horrible. I almost had to turn off my speakers and read the thing. Try lowering the recording volume and using the editor's Amplify function to bring it up to an acceptable volume. I recommend Adobe Audition (free trial available), and view the range as dB. That way you can amplify it just right. Then, save the audio as a higher-bitrate MP3 (48kbps/mono works well), and NEVER use Stereo when encoding.

I would have to give the creator(s) lots of credit if they were 10-18 years old, because this stuff is top-quality for younger animators! Nice work, if that's the case! :D

RogerregoRRoger responds:

yeah, i am 18 indeed..:S thanks for the advice


good one once again
good job to all you guys.
hope to see an episode 12, which i assume is in the works.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Im sorry, episode 12 isnt in the works..Its already done for 2 months now..Im still waitng for all voice actors to dilever the lines.Curently im going to work on episode 18.Thanks for your review!