Reviews for "Imp, episode 11"

Great again!

Yes!Another epsiode of IMP,and with better animation too!!!Just as good as usuall!Oh,and for the 11th time now:IMP kicks ass!!!heheh,keep up the gtood work!Im looking forward to the next episode!


RogerregoRRoger responds:

Since 90% of all voices in next episode are done by me(the actuall Imp members barely make an appearence) it should be uploaded quite soon.Just waiting for hentaiboys 2 lines now.Thanks for your review.:)


The flash work was ok I guess (which is a compliment considering I'm picky) but not particularly funny.

Some advice:

1. If you honestly believe that was correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, then learn some written English. A typo is one thing, but that pisses me off. Though you could just get rid of the subtitles entirely, they were annoying me through the whole movie.


2. If you are one of those l33t speak tools whp tink intentally slaughtering werds, grammar and punctuation am funny, tehn stop it, their ghey!!!!!!111
(It's seriously not funny, it's tragic)

*End Communication*

RogerregoRRoger responds:

okay, advice 1:Congratualations!You have one of the 3 only attitues i hate!Grammar perfect!people who love maths are on the first place, and grammar on the third..Anyway, yes i know the spelling is bad.I dont even care.YOu see, the only reason there are subtitles is that people sometimes have trouble understanding the voices(especially the female voices)The subtitles are extras, not really part of the movie itself.I did have a lot grammar lessons for English at school, but fortunatly i decided to use that time usefull by practising drawing.Sorry if the bad grammar bothers you man, but they are only for help, not really part of the actual movie in my opinion.2.Woah now, i dont understand what your saying..I dont think bad grammar and stuff is funny, especially the persons complaining about it.I dont like the use of speaking tools either, but you want me to use my normal voice for female voices?Im sure you will be begging for the high pitch voices again.So i understand your complains perfectly, but i dont think i (can)(want)to do something about it.Just ignore my series then.Or watch episode 0, the only one without subtitles, and the only one i got complains about people who didnt understand the story.Nuff said.


I loved the Muppets part.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Was by accident actually..I orignally only wanted iron chefs, but i decided to make a spoof of their names, thuss Swedish chef.And while looking at the muppets website i saw a picture of the two grumpy oldmen, dunno the names, and since their my favorite i gave em a small part as well.Heh

the best episode of all the imp

(for now)

RogerregoRRoger responds:

and as i said before, its getting better and better.My personally favorties, episode 14 and 15, 2 parter, is coming closeby...

Sneepioo's verdict

yOW, IT'S COOOL! I haven't watched the first episodes, but I am SURE gonna do it now!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

okay thanks..Just be sure to know that this episode has a whole new drawing style, so seeing the graphics for the first episode will certainly be shocking..