Reviews for "Imp, episode 11"

turtle power :3


wait was i gonna say ah i dont care

my rating of the chareters

1. zoddy cuze he's funny
2 john cuze he dieds and i love when an anoying hedgehog dies
3 bustian he's a thug
4 henrik cuze he is a ass and i just want to do that
5 hentai boy he's a perv
6 hhog sorry but the it's barbaque time thats lame
7 barny shes cute but the icecrean! thing lame only zoddy is alude to do that
8 the girls sorry but it's a tie
9 roger you suck at animatian but your cool


MCDONALDS nedds to work on his spot

I think im gonna fart...

IMP roolz!