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Reviews for "Brutality"

awsome amazing the best

I loved this video. I no you so called retired. But y make a video thats all set up for a sequel and you dont do it. If you were not going to do a sequel then this was a complete waste of time. Or just make it without a sequel ending. Finish what you started. Dont end your carreer now. Do you have any idea how many people want to see a sequel. How many have been demanding it. EVERYONE HAS NOW HURRY UP MAKE THE DAMN SEQUEL AS UR FINAL VIDEO AND THEN QUIT. Im really dissapointed in you. I thought a flash guy such as yourself with such talent would not be so stupid and braindead as to make a wonder movie like this and not put a sequel and retire so you dont have to deal with it. Thats what happened to starwars. The series was never complete. It demaned sequel and prequel. And gorge lucas did it. Sp i really hope you are reading this and that someone form newgrounds will read this ansd forward this reply to the creator of the vid. DONT END YOUR CAREER AND TURN IT INTO" SHIT LIKE THI"S ALL BECAUSE YOU BEING A PUSSY NOT TO MAKE THE VIDEO MAKE THE GO"D DAMN VIDEO. e-mail me with more info at arcaine87@hotmail. ps IM VERY DISSAPOINTED IN YOU AFTER ALL THE WORK YOU HAVE DONE HOW SAD EVEN IM NOT THAT DUMB

McFretN responds:

Its so funny to see how people still have hope after 3 years. Brutality has taken an immense amount of time to make, and i can tell you... drawing and animating it all was quite a tedious thing to do. I have lost the initial files of this animation long ago, so i would have to start all over again (which sucks). Im not going to work my ass of on a 2nd part just to make all these reviewers stop whining

screw whatever iammatthew says cause that was swt!

u should do tutorials to because i want to learn how to make those sweet explosions and special effects. Mc FretN that was McFreakiN tight. fa sure . . .werd

Very nice, how idiotic iammatthew

[Quote]:Reviewed by: iammatthew

undeniably retarded. ooohhh, i've got an idea. lets take a korn song and set some japanimation looking thing to it. way to excel in the idea department. plus you have no sense of good design and/or color. just because you know every technical aspect to flash doesn't make you good at it. [end quote]

Well, lemme see, what would be every technical aspect to a flash? A flash isnt supposed to be some award winning "movie". I know there ARE some horrible flashes, but this is a very nicely done one, and you need to stfu about the color, there is a LOT of color in this flash. His design is very original so SHUT THE HELL UP.

Wicked Awsome

This is an amazing parody. i could never have tho0ught of a thing like that. i watch it almost every time i get on the net. the one dude is right, you should totaly make another!

Absaloutley incredible

wow. that was unbelievable. dazzling, and it left me begging for more. the song and the video merged together perfectly.