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Reviews for "Brutality"


I personnal thought that for 2D animation it was done pretty well and the Song by KORN was absolutly perfect. It gave it a real epic feel the only bad thing I can say is that the song change in the middle of it kind of hurt the mood but other than that i say well done.


good job but the animation was crap

Badass =3

I just dont like the way you make them stand like that.
but the rest, awesome. It's so disturbing and badass especially cause of the music. =D

There is somethings that I must tell you...

It is a very good way to start your own artistic cartoon by having your own characters because you don't have to follow the history of those characters. Although it might be a good idea to put some sort of story behind your characters so that it isn't just a bunch of random fight scenes, even though that is what this whole video is about. If you intend on placing 'a tribute' to their style of fighting, good job! Just, in the next one, have them zip around and move so fast it seems like they teleport... that would be very cool, seeing how this is all about the way they fight. Oh yeah, and on an unrelated and purely insignificant note, this is my first comment ever! :)>

Pretty badass

Major sick man if only dbz was really like this.