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Reviews for "Brutality"

i remember watching this when i was really young and absolutely loved it! Back when you had to let a little flash video like this load for 30 mins just to watch it with dial up. Oh yeah for anyone wondering the song that was orginally used is lets get this party started by korn! :)

Fuck, I liked it when I was 12, I still like it now. It's like a bloodier and gorier version of DBZ, so awesome. I wish this artist had made a sequel, was always so disappointed it never came out. Could use with some voice acting and the music could use a little work, plus the animation hasn't aged the best, but my god for this being done on flash? It is amazing, *Chefs Kiss*

When did this come back? It was removed a couple of years ago and I had saved it before it was removed. Looks like the music is different anyways. This was one of the first flash cartoons I saw on here early 2002, well this and Vegeta dead sexy.

Not bad for a low budget DBZ Tribute. It's pretty good, if you ask me.

It's a shame the music was replaced on this, considering how much effort went into syncing it with the action. You can find it with the original tracks on YouTube.