Reviews for "Zelda Majoras mask [Evil Moon"

GOD DAMN!!!!!!!

Wow. and people are able to reject this after all......they're clearly retarded. I listen to this everyday. Your very best work right here.

Shadow143 responds:

:) Its basicly people tast in music. If they dont like my stuff then i guess they dont, just like anyone elses tracks. There eather loved or hated


I remember the moon, creepy looking. Anyway, It's an awesome remix to an awesome game.^-^

Simply amazing!

I've been listening this tune for 2 years, and now i finally review this^_^
AWESOME! The mood of this song, a bit of depression, it fits perfectly with the final scene of the moon in Majora's Mask.

Awesome, i like your style.
Bye now!

nice song

This song is so beautiful it makes me almost cry they should have accepted it at OcReMix i wonder why they did not but still this song is so extremely beautiful keep up the good work Shadow143.



u got it keep it up shadow143 it is one of the best zelda of all times it makes me think about the game alot i dont know why the did not accept it cuz it is nice love it keep it up :)