Reviews for "Zelda Majoras mask [Evil Moon"


you now gave me ideas about using my samples.

u used hip-hop sounds in this

Damn i love this song.. brings back memorys

When the moon was close to crashing... i would just sit there and listen to this.. regardless that id die haha. just when i had a short while to go THEN i would go up lol... but.. yea im loving this... you made the mood, sound and texture of the original but with a lovely.. something in it that makes it revive that feling i get when i hear it

~* Tyrix *~

The best song ever!

This is the best song ever! I am not lying. Love the beet and the mood of the song. Matches with the song of the game. This song was the best song to me in the video game. This song make me think of the scene all over again ^_^


this is great. You got talent

Shadow143 responds:

Thanks for the great score, love to have you vote on my other stuff. and naww i dont have much talent, i wish i was better . my stuff just dosent sound that great

F****** Great

Ok man,
Great job!
It brought my sissy bro to tears.
the only reason i didn't give you
a full score in originality was
You got the idea from a game.

Shadow143 responds:

LOl did he cry alot :) Thanks for the review and the good score..I totaly agree with you with the originality