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Reviews for "king stroker"

horny baby

Made my dick hard.....nice game now im gonna go jack off myslef

that was pretty entertaining

lol i had alot of fun with this game though i think the gameplay would be better if this were an actual arcade game lol


lol apparently i would make a good guy..... in masturbation anyway xD haha


I saw this a few years ago. Loved it then, love it now. An...interesting concept, and really, I think this is something new. Turning jacking off into an arcade game? If it weren't adult-oriented, then this would become a great classic if not for just being so unique.

And somebody tell "Mylovelydame21" to take his dick elsewhere.

That's the one problem; we don't really enjoy hearing about how men go "LOL I HOLD OUT 4EVA" or "OMG O YA" or worse yet, "MI KEEZ R STIKEE!!11"


I don't have a dick, so this was really entertaining. Apparently, I'm a "quick draw" because I blew my stack REALLY fast. Or maybe I'm just that good. You be the judge. LOL