Reviews for "Hedgehog meets Saiyan"


This was awesome. The fight for Goku and Shadow could of been changed though. Background I mean. I like the fight between Vegeta and Sonic better anyway, though you should of switched the fights. It would of been cool to see the two "Bad Guy" characters go at it, Shadow and Vegeta have the same kind of personality. Same with Sonic and Goku.

Well, see ya in school. Nice work Aaron.

You should make a sequal!

All said above. In the sequal, Goku, Vegeta, Shadow, and Sonic are back. But you should put one more set of characters in it ( Like Robotnick and Broly.) I give you a 10 because it was mondo cool! ( Sorry for the shitty Krillin line.) It was good.


That was good. I have swish 2.0 and I need to know: How do you get sprotes without that white stuff. Or how do you get sprites. I've been using paint and cant get it to work. Can you tell me?

Chakra-X responds:

Well first, I used a seperate GIF maker (I think it was called Easy Gif Maker). I would paste single-framed sprite into paint, copy it and paste it into the easy GIF maker. Once I pasted all the frames, I would save it as oe whole animated transparent GIF, so when I uploaded it to Swish, there was no white background. The method works, but it is so much easier with Flash.

Best ever

I like this, this is one of your best Sprite movies ever. everyone vote 5/5!

Super Saiyan 4 Goku

Excellent job on ssj 4 Goku.