Reviews for "Hedgehog meets Saiyan"

This is definitely gonna make it

You did what i have never seen, have 2 different fights in the same flash. Nicely done! except some things that didnt make sense..

PS: lay off the flashy effects, my eyes hurt now :(

Chakra-X responds:

thank you, but i like the flashy effects.....maybe i should put a warning up...


I got to admit, it was good but the thing is, the shadow's and sonic's
ending is not great... I mean that goku's and vegeta's ending are great and last more than 30 seconds and the hedgehog's ending is only 5 to 10 seconds long... try to make both side interesting! but overall is good.


its some pretty good work you've got here
i just think...
Sprites ain't really your style
I allready watched your Nazo Unleashed series and its a lot better if you talk about...
Uhm, i forgot i wanted to place there :-S
But its a good movie


i am okay wit this pretty good pretty good....

Cool Dude

Ok, it was cool, and the one random one with the "gay" , and "your mom" stuff, THANK YOU!