Reviews for "Hedgehog meets Saiyan"


a very good use of sprites some sound could have been louder or quieter in some places. A lot of fun to watch I'm guessing it would have taken too much room in this flash to use high quality sprites anyway it was a bit akward to mix Super Sonic sprites from the Sega games rather than find the GBA version. Also I could see a box around Sonic during the fight when he did one of his moves. And the background used during the Shadow and Goku fight looked horrible. Why not use the tree background and save u sometime? Thx for your message space.
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Chakra-X responds:

well thanx for the 10. yeh, i kinda knew people werent gonna like the shadow/goky backround, but oh well. as for the white box, thats due to the blur effect. if u have a really fast computer or have the movie on low quality, it wont be seen. as for the super sonic, that was the only sprite i had for that position. the tree backroundd would be borijg if i used it trhoughout the movie. thanx for the GODLIKE!!!! review

Awsome!DBZ Vs Sonic

Dude,you TRULY make the BEST DBZ/Sonic flash movies on Newgrounds!This movie rules,so mim giving it a 10,and voting 5 everyday,just to make you feel good,and to hope you make more movies like this.Please make more.

t0ms0nic-The DBZ/Sonic fan of Justice

best on newgrounds

& 4 those who say sonic steals from dbz i belive sonic could go supersonic in his 4th game i believe if im wrong about the game # please correct me thank you


for the time that the banana came, Sonic and Shadow should have turned super ,Vegeta should have done final flash and Goku should have turned super saiyan 4 and done 10 times Kamehameha even so quite funny and fight were great


I like this flash :):):)

I love when you can choose who wins ;)