Reviews for "Hedgehog meets Saiyan"


it was gud

It was okay....

It was a good movie, but why are Sonic and Shadow fighting Goku and Vegeta as their regular selves? Goku and Vegeta are all Super'd up, Sonic and Shadow should have been too, it would have made more since as far as the battles go. Also, Sonic should have fought Goku and Shadow should have fought Vegeta. It would probably have made the fights look at little better personality wise. Although, this is an old submission, so I can't give you too much guff about it.

I thought it was cool

Maybe you should do one with double teams...
But did goku really have to go ssj4? And don't you think it would have been nice to have one of the hedgehogs go super...That's called playing favorites friend, stop doing it...


its cool man


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