Reviews for "Hedgehog meets Saiyan"


that was pretty good not the best but it still its a good addition to da portal... keep it up, good work :D

P.S lay off the flashy crap I almost got a sezier

This is definitely gonna make it

You did what i have never seen, have 2 different fights in the same flash. Nicely done! except some things that didnt make sense..

PS: lay off the flashy effects, my eyes hurt now :(

Chakra-X responds:

thank you, but i like the flashy effects.....maybe i should put a warning up...


i for one love dbz, and i like sonic an average amount. Pretty good sprite work but it did not look that kool when goku powers up and you can barely make out what the video footage is.

Chakra-X responds:

the movie thing was a ss4 goku ,sorry bout the quality