Reviews for "Hedgehog meets Saiyan"


for the time that the banana came, Sonic and Shadow should have turned super ,Vegeta should have done final flash and Goku should have turned super saiyan 4 and done 10 times Kamehameha even so quite funny and fight were great

your sprite is aiight

Nice action somwhat good graphics and the right voices for each character except goku on the part where he got kicked into the rock. Overall nice job a 4/5 on votes an 8/10 on review as u will soon see, duh.



Totally awesome!

So far, it's a lot better than the original version. Nazo seems kinda like Cell (guessing that's supposed to be the point). Really can't wait to see part three.

An Ok flash

But it sounded like Sonic and Shadow were talking through radios.