Reviews for "Hedgehog meets Saiyan"


its some pretty good work you've got here
i just think...
Sprites ain't really your style
I allready watched your Nazo Unleashed series and its a lot better if you talk about...
Uhm, i forgot i wanted to place there :-S
But its a good movie

Sonic rules!

Sonic and Shadow would have won.


This movie was OK, but if you use sprites at least chek if your characters aren't moving when they need to stand still and chek if your sprites are propperly ripped.
The Fight was good, and some endings funny, could have been much better.
All in all, nice try but not even close to your Nazo unleashed eps.

I must say....

Despite the lecture telling me that saying "your gay" is weak, I have to tell you something. Since you chose an Usher song in the credits, I regret to inform you that....




for the time that the banana came, Sonic and Shadow should have turned super ,Vegeta should have done final flash and Goku should have turned super saiyan 4 and done 10 times Kamehameha even so quite funny and fight were great