Reviews for "Max Payne 1"



Max payne Sucked, But this DIDN'T!

Yeah man, I rented Max payne, Absolutely hated it. I couldn't stand the game, it just moved so slow, the comic book part of the game was ok in that cheesy way. But YOUR spoof is the shit. I'd rather sit and watch your spoof 3 times in a row, than ever play that god awful max payne again.

burtonearny responds:

I bought it and never got past the subway levels... I either suck at it or it is very hard. Anyway, yea, it's a crap game.


Racist? How is this movie racist, being a Jew is not a race, its a frikin religion and if you don't like, drop it then. Damn Hitler shall rise and burn all of you, no just kidding. Good movie, not to shabby but I like the stills, that was a nice style.

burtonearny responds:

It's more fun than the game (unless you cheat in the game, because the story is actually quite good).

it was ok

i like max payne and it was funny could have been longer.

Really good !

So funny ! great job mate :)