Reviews for "Max Payne 1"

Was dead funny!

And too the last guy...i bet girls say the same thing about your penis.

Max Payne 1

Nice job. This flash was mildly interesting.

Le lol pour toi

Gotta love this. Funny, well-made, yada-yada-yada, nice voice acting.
I'd like to see you practice your Woody Allen impression and use it in an up-coming flash. It's already good, but there is some room for improvement.
By the way, did you use any program to alter your sound files, say to change the pitch or what-not? If so; what's it called? I'm using something called WavePad at the moment.

...är du Norsk, förresten?

haha nice

It was funny and made me laugh and the voice acting is funny. :D

very nice

i beat both max payne game and that story was funny and great try to make the whole story line funny