Reviews for "Max Payne 1"


lol that was a good one, i liked how you got your pictures to look like the real cut scenes from max payne.

burtonearny responds:

They were, I just manipulated it slightly to fit the text well enough.

pretty good

great idea.but how well you continue it if you do. it was an excellent flash. and enjoy fits best.dont believe me go to www.dictionary.com and look up under the thesaurus

burtonearny responds:

No, I'll just go to www.urbandictionary.com and look up funny words. Thanks anyway.

Haha, good.

Funny Max Payne movie. Good. Make more. Keep it up, man.

burtonearny responds:

Thanks, shall do.


One Word borrrrring and were the hell is the shoting and slow action gun time HUH?? WERE IS IT!!!!!!!!
May Payne never seemed so crapy tell now!!

burtonearny responds:

You obviously have never played it... these are the cut scenes.

why did you even make this?

I have to say, the previous review was ten times as funny as your terrible, terrible flash. I gave you a zero for graphics because you provided none of your own. You got a point for humor because I happen to think farts are funny. Basically, I really have to wonder why you made this crap. What was the point? Its not that it was necessarily bad, it was just boring and stupid. Anyway, don't get discouraged- just don't make another flash this lame.

burtonearny responds:

Go give Knox a zero for graphics then, and whine to him. He's excellent at his movie dubs, and all he does is add the occasional lighting trick to them.