Reviews for "Joy 14"


ha ha ha , so true ...i totally love their expressions .


is 100 percent true. all women think this way.... but ya gotta love 'em

Chivalry is dead!

Very funny cartoon.

I don't get the same reaction when holding the door for someone, thank goodness!

but... wait... I usually don't get a reaction at all... I'm a voluntary doorman. >.<

I really like this one!

This is really good! Good style, drawings, and the concept is hilarious and true! But I hate women who do that, get all uptight about that it's like wow I'm being polite and you're being a bitch back, I'm glad someone brought this up, next time that happens to me I'll just leave and close the door behind me :P

Such a dilemma

I applaud Lloyd's decision. That banshee needed a door slammed on her face...