Reviews for "Nico Nico Douga 2 - Kirbomix~"

really good xD

u'll get 5/5 and 10/10 ^^.
haha, funny


(Listening to the song in speedy mode BTW) you can listen to this thing in super speed with windows media player (which is pretty entertaining) but you may also hear it slow (which sounds kinda bad) but in slowmo, you'll understand the song a little better. I've posted a challenge to those who want to tell me how well they understand it, be it a week or the entire month (as of 8/29, otherwise ignore this unless you feel like posting on a year old post or something) that you've heard the song. the post will be called Kirbomix speedy mix.

This is da numba 1

if i'm listening to this, i'm singing too =D i just love this song, you should make a third one =D


LOL, simply LOL........


That was great! Plus this was submitted on my birthday =D