Reviews for "Nico Nico Douga 2 - Kirbomix~"

Lyrics (some of them)

Oh dear god, they just HAD to make a second one
Law permits that now I've got to sing it...

-[Pokemon G/S Battle Theme] (Kirb, CZ, Cailen)

...just like I gotta catch 'em all.

-[Kimi ga Ireba ("If You Are Here")/Iori] (Kirb, Zetto)

Oh, but this time...I've got backup. Now you can meet my all-star cast.

-[Kinjirareta Asobi ("The Forbidden Game")/ALI PROJECT] (Everyone)

Someone must've been on drugs to wanna get this monster done...
Guess I can't complain about it since it's pretty fuckin' cool.
Still, my god that's totally nuts, getting 20 people or so
all around to sing something like this!

-[More Than Limit/Prince of Tennis] (Tomamoto, Anigen, Zetto)

How many obscure references could they possibly squeeze into
a seven minute medley of pop-culture crap? Just think a musical of
Prince of Tennis. That's just a tad halucinating...uh-oh I think I'm going kinda crazy.

-[Daler Mehndi/Tunak Tunak Tun] (Kirb, Zetto)

Relax, relax. Relax, relax. Relax, relax...and just sit back.
Relax, relax-O-Vision. Thanks CZ for the backlash.

-[Kimi no Tamenara Shineru OP] (Kirb, CZ)

This one is totally fucking
crazy and I still don't get it.
Once again, I better shut it.
Lest I look like a hypocrite

-[Oyome ni Shinasai!/IOSYS] (CZ)

This part sounds awfully familiar I know I've heard it...
Oh except without the creepy giant little girl-heads.
Now I know, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

-[Saikyou-OX-Keikaku/MOSAIC.WAV] (Kirb, Zetto)

No I'm sure it's just you, yeah.

-[Club-'em-dead Angel Dokuro-chan/Dokuro-chan (Tomamoto, Kirb)

How 'bout that, there's a cute litte girl who'll smash your fucking head clean off.
Take my heed and make sure you don't get to close to her or you'll be really dead.

-[Pokemon Ieru kana? ("Can You Say Pokemon?")/Imakuni?] (Cailen, Kirb)

Everyone wear a bikini!
Oh fine then, don't listen to me.
Go back to playin' "vidja gaymz"
Bet'cher off playin' POKEYMANZ.

-[LaLaLa Koppepan/Izumi Konata] (Rina-chan)

...and now I'm eatin' somethin', now I'm eatin' somethin'
Though how can when I'm kinda busy singing?
...sorry I still don't get, sorry I still don't get
How in the crap anyone understands this song...

-[Hito to shite Jiku ga Bureteiru ("As a Person, I am Twisted to the Core")/Kenji Otsuki & The Zetsubou Girls] (Rosey, Kirb, Zetto)

However this one's actually kinda nifty... (bure bure bure bure)
Lighten up, it's a show, don't take it so srsly...seriously.
Don't get into my corrupted mind, you don't wanna...
(Slurp. Agh! Ohh!)
I'm no teacher but I can learn ya one very important lesson. Listen up!

-[Hayate the Combat Butler/KOTOKO] (Everyone)

Try not to read far into what you think might just be something
"philisophical." I can assure you the creators of
all the series you're watching, don't really care about
all of the things that you're thinking of...trust me.

-[Usatei/IOSYS] (Kirb)

I'm sure you'll figure out...

-[Bararaika/Tsukishima Kirari] (Niro)

That it's easy to make a meme catch on it only needs something totally random!

-[Ievan Polkka/Loituma] (Niro, Kirb)

Like a picture of a girl with giant tits spinning veggies round and round
while foreign music plays in the background that's just one example but...

-[Bouken Desho Deshou? ("It's an Adventure, Right?")/Haruhi Suzumiya] (Kirb, Rina-chan)

I believe, this show still isn't a big'a deal y'know.
You'd be right, if I said that I thought it wasn't the best thing in the world.
After all...

-[Prism/Ikeda Ayako] (Niro, Cailen)

It's no Miyazaki project not that you can really compare the two alone.
Then you'd just be stuck in a world where everyone wears all their glasses for a reason.

-[The world/Nightmare] (Rosey)

Come with me and I'll show you all a perfect world.
Yes a land where all is just...but not as good

-["Mark"/Kirby Super Star] (Kirb, Zetto)

as Popstar. That I can assume. Nothing possibly can topple Kirby.
Follow him, instead of me and he'll take you on a trip;
on his warpstar you'll fly up above...

P.S. Awesome

that was just....PERFECT

this is amazing i listen to it ALL THE TIME so THANKS ALOT...for my next ADDICTION

o.O.........................nuff said

omg this is so awesome sometimes you guys sound like your on drugs but i bet your not. this must of be hard to make like 100000000000000000 minutes but still it is super kirbopha awesome.(lol). really it would be good if you made a third!
i don't know why but i can't stop listening to this its so funny. but most of all this is super awesome..............................
............................one last thing what in the heck are you guys saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I...honestly have no idea what's going on in any of these songs of why you're doing them, but it's pretty awesome! I'm not familiar with the second song in this series, but it sounds great! I'm amazed at all of the voices you had go into this! I especially loved the one line about trying to fit as many pop culture references in seven minutes as possible. You obviously have a wide range of stuff to talk about, and you are certainly familiar with it! If you ever do anything like this again, I would love to be a voice in it.

blaba sha da!

LOL! Kirbopher make so funny sounds lol 5:00