Reviews for "Nico Nico Douga 2 - Kirbomix~"

Bet yur all playin Pokemanz!

*Snort* *Eh!* *Ugh* xD
Great Collab! Keep up your great work =)

i love nico nico douga

you are awesome kirb but you were off key :)

a question i have

what is the name of the anime with the girl who wacks your head off

fricken rad!

I keep listining to this! I wish I could do something like this but my friends are ass-holes and would never agree to do this with me...

Arnold, Somethings not right there..

This is my 2nd reviwe cause the other one is on the movie.
Anyways "The creators of the series your watching don't really care about what your thinking of" means we cant review! Well there is no point of posting reviews XD. Anyways 10/10. Tis ROX!