Reviews for "Nico Nico Douga 2 - Kirbomix~"


Hell. Yeah. This rocks, dude. I'm getting people together to run covers of these, man


and Kaspall, i think he said "better off playing pokemans!!!!!!"

And kirb, too bad ya can't make another one. they are awesome.

about that one part...

Personally, I prefer "Castle in The Sky".
What's better than flying robots with death-lasers?
And a Floating castle called Laputa(meaning the whore in spanish)


great videos

Very Catchy

I can't help but sing this every now and then because its so damn catchy! How i can memorize a 7 minute song I got no idea, but great job! I like all the other singers too, despite being off key; 10/10, 5/5, etc etc etc nice work!!!