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Reviews for "Homestar Hunt 2:alpha"

T'was great.

I believe that all of you who are whining that this game degrades Homestar Runner are right. But then again, this is just that, a game. Now don't bitch an moan at the author. Bitch and moan at Homestar. If they weren't here, he wouldn't have made the game huh? Anyway. I had fun.

Well , okay.

it's decent, but I like homestar and didn't find much enjoyment in killing him.

oh and P.S:fglcheat, just because something is popular doesn't mean it's good. Pop music and the idiocy of this culture have proved that. A society in which lewdness and shallowness are exalted, while intelectuallism is frowned upon. A asociety in which a cesspool is controlled by the white males up in their D.C bubble while the rest of the country is dealing with real problems.

God I hate people.


Dude, that's mean! How could you hate homestar?! he's one of the most popular characters on the internet on flash! This was a peice of crap, Fruit!

Please tell me this isnt alllll u do!

H*R is awesome, and if you don,t like it , I can't control that, but PLEASE don't put it on my 2nd favorite site!!!

Not fun, not funny, not good!

1. Homestar is aweseome
2. This is not
3. This is not fun or entertaining in the slightest

Go make something original and good and then maybe you won't be jelous of Homestar's success.