Reviews for "[old] Virtualife 1.01"


i hope by beta it means your going to keep working at it cause its a great idea(not original but oh well) and u can animate good but lets get furniture thAT does somethong (keep current furniture) and give us some objectives or some sort of goal system and you will be on front page


Almost like sims,its just that great!

This game definitely has potential...

But it is lacking in many different areas. The stats serve no purpose, nor does the furniture, except for raising the @home score. No one plays a sim game for a high score. They play it either to get "laid" or to complete the story, like in "Sim Life" or what ever that other game was called. Anyways, make the game more involved, and it will be awesome.


Wow ima be palying the finished version!hope you can make things have more effect like the @home score. All together this isn't good but the finished article can't help but be!

It's good but considering its beta...

i found a few glitches, like when u put furniture in your house, if there is something in a square and u try to put something else in it, you loose the item you tried to put into it. And when u tried to work at furniture shop i only made 20 bucks out of the 150 advertised. anyways its a good game.