Reviews for "[old] Virtualife 1.01"

Snap back to reallity

Dude siriously if you say that you work on this for like a year or so now and everyday hard work. Well not to say you suck but the game is kind of booriiinnnggg. Its like the sims without all the good stuff and the only thing left is the bad stuff. I tried like 3 times to get past the "Sleep to regain energy" part but I couldnt do anything after that. Oh and seriously dont waste your time. Do something everyone will enjoy a lot more than this thing. I know its hard to let go cause you worked on it so so so long but itll get you nowhere. Peace bro and take my advise. Later.

Not bad at all

I liked it. I thought it was pretty good.

Nice job, for a demo

Just now though, a lot of the things seem pointless and will need to be addressed in the full game. Charm, knowledge, strength : they are all things usually associated with dating sims, and have no bearing on the demo overall.
You need to make your house more interactive, allowing you to rotate the objects you buy to fit in with your environment more easily and make it look like an actually furbished home.
For some reason you get paid $150 a day for working at the school, whilst everywher else gives you $10-20. Was this a bug?
Nice effort overall. I just hope you have the motivation to carry on witht he full project.
Demos/Trailers get a max overall review score of 5 from me. There is no point in voting highly on a preview, no matter how good it looks, if it is going to affect the standing of other entries that are whole complete pieces. Finish the entry and post it, and I'll review it more fairly and evenly.


You must be very talented! The graphics are clean and the presentation style is unparalleled... Maybe you could throw in a little humor for the next one.. something that keeps us striving to have more stuff in the house.

Getting laid is always a motivator

you have obviously worked hard on this...

but it gets boring after you have bought everything of catologue 1 in the furniture shop, all magic things, worked every were, and basicly bought everything!! how do u get catologue 2, and all cheats?!?!?!