Reviews for "Remember Mathman?"

Hm...On A Scale of 1 to 10...

This desecers a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10!! lol!! i dont know who math man was but i asked my parents who he was and they told me... "He Was a stupid ass i awlasy hated him" There exasct words.. "Carry the 7..." "THERES NO 7!!!!" LOL awsome made me laugh i watched it mabye like 10 times this should be on family guy like if peter had a flash back and it should show this exact flash!!! OMg it made me cry!!! I should show my friends this they would laugh there ass to!! Man Ur The BEST!!

still laughing..hold on...

Man, that was great. Not only did I love that show but I remember how Mathman used to make the stupidest mistakes..I have not laughed that hard at a flash in a long time. Man that was funny and brought back good memories. Thank you very much for that.

that so totally made my day...

that is hilarious. i used to love that show, and it is _so_ true that sometimes mathman made the stupidest mistakes. i think one time i was so upset i almost cried.

This so totally rocked!

This made me laugh out loud & it holds up to repeat viewings!

Holy Shnike!

I can't friggin believe what I just saw. It was almost as if I was looking into my own past. Square one. Ahhh, the old days. Well thanks for bringing up that traumatic time in my life, my grandparents death, my parents divorce, and THAT IDIOT MATHMAN CHOMPING THE WRONG EQUATIONS!!! Keep up the good work bro.