Reviews for "Remember Mathman?"

remember the music videos

say guys remember the music videos the Square One used to make, like 80s Pop up videos, but with math themes? my fave was the one where this pizza delivery boy gets trapped in a haunted house, and has to work the probality fractions out, in order to get past monsters and stuff.

Mathnet ha ha ha.

this also reminds me of that game Number Munchers that they made us play in Jr high. nothing beats the 90s Jr High.

but I thought there was an eppisode of mathman where he actually wins.

hee hee hee remember mathman running all over the screen trying to get away from Mr. Glitch, freaking out, saying "mathman mathman mathman mathman mathman mathman. bewww beewwww bewwwwww (dead sounds)."that would have been funny if you made mathman swear fuck me fuck me fuck me, when Mr Glitch was chasing him around.

but how did he get the question wrong? 2-1=4.

Wogoat responds:

My favorite was the teen throb type singer who couldn't read roman numerals so he just sang the letters.

Ahh, The Good Old Days Of OPB.....

So.. I'm Wondering When We Will Get To see Mathnet, Man Square One Was The Shit!! I Miss Those Days

That brings back good memories

I loved that! Im sorry there arent a whole lot of mathman cartoons on New grounds.


That was hilarious. I loved Square One back in the day as well. They just don't make educational TV like they used to... Keep up the good work.

Yeah, he pissed me off too.

YES! u are a genious dude... if u dont know what it is, dont eat it! i wish i woulda known to do that a little earlier on in life... i mean, lol great video, make more! and yes im sure thats 4. i mean come on! its 2-1! of course its 4! never doubt the mathman! jk lol