Reviews for "Remember Mathman?"


You just missed a straight 10 because of graphix, but I'd give you a 12 for Humor if I could... quite simple, yet one of the most humurous flash quickies I've ever seen, if not the most.

Brings back memories.

And I thought that I was bad at math.
Well at least now I feel better about myself.
Kinda reminds me of sesame street.


Oh my goodness!! Seeing this brings back all the memories!! Oh the horror!! I hated mathman! But Mathnet was fun. *grins* I liked this submission cause it reminded me of something in my youth.

Never knew mathman, but maybe that's a good thing.

So this mathman, he looks like the kind of guy that takes it in the ass. I'm glad that tornado went Hulk on his ass, otherwise, i would have given this the most malicious review ever. Good work!


Yeah i sorta remember him. The way you made him in the flash was funny yet true and even still watching it now puts a smile on my face.