Reviews for "Remember Mathman?"

I am so thankful to know I wasn't the only one!

Oh, that is it! That is the perfect summary of my childhood! It always ticked me off that the characters on these children's shows were a dozen times dumber than any of the kids watching. The one that really made me quake with frustration was that other Square One mini-show, Mathnet, a Dragnet ripoff. Now there was a transcendent display of stupidity!


remember that time he actually cleared the maze?


i agree, mathman realy was that stupid, thank god he's gone now


wow...ive enjoyed all your flashes so far and this one had my eyes watering....that guy is soo freakin retarted...i think it was meant to torture children.

lol omg that was soo fukin funny

brillliant and really original...."hmmm it looks like a 4" lmao