Reviews for "ARINNNN"


that's definitely arin with his rape face on.
but o god that neck i cant stand it, hahaa.


It's scary. And cool. I mean, awesome.


lmao omg that is totally him! Well...ok, except for the chin...you gave him a big strong ass defined chin...I bet he likes it better that way. :>

Oh yeah, Arin is the name of the guy who's actually Egoraptor. What I didn't like about this was probably how scary this dude looks. He seriously looks like he's going to eat me or rape me or something. If fear was the emotion you were trying to give out, you definitley succeeded. He doesn't even look human, he looks like his skin is covered in oil or something. I just now realize how much he looks like Kirbopher.

In fact, it seems like a lot of flash animators have long hair. And at first I thought they just all had glasses. His neck seems a bit too long here, like he's some kind of monster. I wouldn't be surprised if he probably is supposed to look like one here. He stares so deeply into my soul...

so creepy XD