Reviews for "ARINNNN"

This is probably gonna haunt my dreams FOREVER, but the quality is top notch! I approve of the shade work for sure and as for the expression...... as long as that was what you were going for, I have to say you are a CHAMPION. Additionally, though the neck is a bit odd, I don't think it looks bad at all! Part of the charm, in my book.

So good job, keep up the good work.. Imma go hide in my closet now o_o

Am I the only one who thinks he looks distinctly like Aphex Twin from his cover art album "I Care Because You Do"?
Well, minus the giraffe neck going on, and I will say you captured a very close to almost exact picture of ego. Well done sir.<3

Very well done...

but highly disturbing

Two words

Rape face

crazy, lol. very good!