Reviews for "Amsterdam starport"

very cool

realistic but surreal. vibrant but smoky. ..um crap but awesome? nah just awesome

Fantastic lighting and colours!

I just love Your style! :)


Phallic apparel? When I see the lighting on the bear-looking thingy, it makes me think "inter-species sexual adapter in neon colors", kinda like he lacks something as an intergalactic Ursidae-looking thingy... But seriously, I like the lighting. I think that it also would have been cool to have them be busy actually doing something, like maybe to have a set of cards unlike anything that has ever been seen before, but I think that is about the only thing that is missing. I'd give it a 9.9 too, only I usually round up.

Is that a Pangalactic Gargleblaster?

That was the first though they came to my head when I saw this piece. I am a little confused about the lighting situation on the bear alien but I am really loving everything else especially the textures you have going.


very nice use of the colours and nice shades and lighting