Reviews for "Guitar Vs. Piano"

I myself am a music composer

I have yet to submit anything but this is one of the best music tracks i have ever heard keep up the good work!

Goukisan responds:

umm.. thanks! lol wow

I'm glad you like it, im quite proud of it. I worked pretty hard on it, but it's not complete yet by a long shot. I am making a full version of it but the file size will be too large for newgrounds, so this will have to do

Real Nice!

This kid has some major potential. I rated the originality with an 8 because the main melody sounded a little like from one of my songs. No biggie though. You turned it into your or perception of it and that's what I like to see. I will be honest. Most of the techno on NG sucks! The best artists I've seen are you, XsToRmEr1, and myself (everyone told me I'm awesome at techno) if you wanna hear similar music check out my music. Keep up the good work bitch! :-)

Goukisan responds:

Thanks saint well, i didnt have any of your songs in mind when i made this but that just goes to show great minds think alike eh?

I actually was inspired origionally by iron maiden and their crazy guitar shit. I had the basic guitar solo and i liked it so i just built around it. I got my love of this type of sound from Castlevania music i think.

And yeah anyone reading this check out Saint_Of_Killers' stuff cuz it owns also dreamscaper and XsToRmEr for some high quality audio

good times during 1:10, 1:45, and 1:58-2:10

Dude, this is some totally good shit. You all gotta check this guy out. He is going places and taking his music with him. Its best to jump on the band wagon now before he makes it big and you can't contact him.

Goukisan responds:

lol enak huh.. thanks buddy

Previt man i ahd no idea you were this talented.

yo man this si some sick shit i think this would be wicked for a video game. this is kinda epic like.A dramatic composition that resembles an extended narrative celebrating heroic feats. this is what comes to mind my friend ..ps see you at incubus

Goukisan responds:

hmm you must be pete judging by the way you spelled my name haha thanks dude, yeah i hope i can make it out. work is rough but ill fight off my bosses if i can lol .. later